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10 Funny Sloth T-shirts You Can Own

We've come across some great sloth t-shirts, some cute and some downright hilarious. The potential for entertainment and diversion that sloths offer is endless and can even teach life lessons. Take advantage of this opportunity and get yourself and your loved ones these adorable sloth t-shirts today!

Funny sloth t-shirts can come in handy for many occasions. Whether you want a special gift for a special friend who is lazy or to get a memorable custom lazy t-shirt, our lazy t-shirt collection can meet your needs.

EFF YOU SEE KAY Sloth Graphic Tee

Sometimes in life, there is nothing better than "peace". Sloths express the essence of "peace" very well. You don't have to say anything, just get up in the morning and put on a t-shirt that says it all.

Sloth Printed Short Sleeve Crew Neck Casual T-Shirts Tops

This is a very witty t-shirt that keeps it short and to the point. If you happen to be someone who doesn't like to go out and work out, then you need this shirt to express your attitude.

I Have No Idea What I'm Doing Sloth T-shirt & Top

Stay in touch with your inner lazy side by wearing the cute sloth tee. Show everyone else that you embody the relaxed spirit of laziness while they're trying to move on.

Natural Born Chiller Sloth Lover Shirts

When we have been working for a while, we always want a comfortable and relaxing time. You may not want to get up and go out today, either way, you need the perfect t-shirt to suit your mood! The sloth's unhurried personality is nature's chiller.

MAMAST'AY 6 Feet Away Meditation Sloth Graphic Woman's T-Shirts

If you need to get rid of something very serious, then this is the perfect t-shirt. No one has enough willpower to resist the level of humor portrayed.

No one says it better than a chubby sloth that is sure to make everyone laugh.

Sloth Doze Print Cotton Crew Neck T-shirt

With this fun sloth t-shirt, you can take your favorite animal friend with you everywhere you go. It is sure to spread joy and laughter to the world around you.

This cute t-shirt is very simple and unnoticeable, perfect for the minimalist.

Nope Not Today Women's Sloth T-shirts

You may have pondered what sloths do when they hang precariously from a branch. Well, according to this creative t-shirt, they may be thinking deeply about it.

Wherever you go, this fun t-shirt will have you and everyone else in stitches. When the world seems unusually bumpy, wear it and you'll have a reason to feel happy.

No Hurry No Worries Graphic Short Sleeve Crew Neck Tee

The witty message on this T-shirt takes the negativity out of sloths. Yes, the sloth may be the slowest animal ever. This is a brilliant t-shirt for anyone who likes funky sayings.

Sloth Boop Valentine’s Day Girls T-shirt

Nothing warms the heart more than the image of two adorable sloths in love with each other. This Valentine's Day, make your partner smile by giving them a gift they'll never forget.

It's full of fun and humor and will keep them smiling even during difficult times. The image is simple and perfect, the essence of love.

Lazy Sloth Cartoon Graphic Sweatshirt

These long sleeve sloth shirts are the perfect gift for any sloth fan to enjoy during the colder months. They have a highly fashionable design and comic image appeal.