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All-Over-Printing T-shirts To Match Your Style

All-Over-Printing is a relatively new and exciting fashion trend in the world of personalized T-shirt printing. The all-over-printing T-shirt is no longer limited to one local area, allowing designers to explore the seams, hems, and zips like never before.

If you're planning to add some all-over-printing t-shirts to your closet this year, we suggest those t-shirts to add some glamour to your look.


Florals always come back in cycles and you can see different floral styles almost every year. Especially in spring and summer, seasons full of life and strength. It is always so harmonious to get inspiration from nature, flowers, leaves, rattan. Be confident, be comfortable, and good-looking!

Floral Graphic Short Sleeve V-Neck Loose Tee

Floral Graphic Short-Sleeved Round Neck Loose Tee

V Neck Casual Cotton-Blend Shirts & Tops

Women's Floral Print Shirt

Color Printed Block

What happens when different color blocks are stitched together? Don't be afraid to print in different types and colors - the results may surprise you. What a brave attempt to add leopard print to a multi-colored diamond check.

Short Sleeve Crew Neck Cotton-Blend

V Neck Casual Shirt

Printed Image

Hundreds of years ago, in ancient China, movable type printing already existed, but only on paper. The art of creation has then been updated and borrowed for modern art and fashion. The pattern can be fully printed on a T-shirt, even a wave.

Framed Prints Sleeveless Top

Women's Abstract Print Shirt

Floral Fox Sleeveless Top

Abstract Printing

This style is derived from Van Gogh's abstract painting style. With their burst of emotional power, abstract printed t-shirts are a great way to bring color and movement into your closet.

Women's Abstract Print Shirt

Women's Abstract Print Shirt

Women's Canvas Print Shirt

What is All Over Printing?

A term used to denote a specific technique for garment printing that covers every inch of the garment. This printing is achieved by laminating the T-shirt on a flat surface and then printing on top of it, which means that any elements not exposed to the ink (such as the hem) are not affected.

When the graphic field of the T-shirt has a continuous design, or when the same graphic is spread infinitely, a full print will look perfect. When we place graphics within the confines of a t-shirt or garment, it is often limited to the front or back, but better wording may be missing if a full print is used. This is a compelling process that will create a bold statement and make a lasting impression.