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FlowerLilicloth CONTEST - WIN a $500 Gift Card

Flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of God, attracting the attention of people around them at all times. They are the most wonderful part of Mother Nature, bringing joy and happiness to people. Crossing spring, when the weather gradually changes to summer, April rains bring May flowers, and where flowers bloom there is hope!

#FlowerLilicloth PHOTO CONTEST

Share your photo with a blooming flower to WIN a $500 Gift Card!


Prize: 10 Winners will each get a $50 Gift Card

Date: 31th May

The winners will be announced on 1st June at midnight (EST) via our Instagram story!

* Lilicloth reserves the right for final interpretation.

A little secret just for you - the higher the chance of being the winner in lilicloth's floral print clothing.

Lilicloth floral print clothes collection

As the mascot of Lilicloth, the sunflower must be placed in a very important position. The yellow color of sunflowers symbolizes vitality, wisdom, and happiness. Yellow also traditionally symbolizes friendship.


Unique Daisy Flower Design In Lilicloth

Daisies are representative of spring and when April is over, most areas will be in full bloom with daisy flowers. 


T-shirt With Dandelion Make You Breathe

The dandelion flower is the perfect symbol of happiness and joy. Even just a glance at this simple flower reminds us of summer and spring, two of the warmest, most vibrant seasons of the year.