Father's Day
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It’s always nice to have a girls' trip and explore new places, good food, drinks, and make new memories with your besties...


Have you planned your next trip with your girls? Share your 2022 idea of trips to win Lilicloth "Girls Trip" SHIRTS for your girls and 30% OFF COUPON!!



🎁 2x Girls Trip 2022 Therapy Tee Set

🎁 5x 30% Off Coupon




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1) Follow our social media account@liliclothofficial & Like the post;

(Available on Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/Tiktok, you could join on one of the platforms you're active in.)

2) Common your next trip plan and Tag your besties.

(The more the better, your besties will get the same chance as you to win the prize too.)


Extra Enter: Welcome to share the photo/video of your most impressive girls' trip in the past and Tag [@liliclothofficial].

(Please tag us on the caption&photo so we can receive your post at once.)


We will pick 7 Lucky who are impressed us with their trips!!



25th - 30th Mar. 2022 PST

Winners will be announced on 31st Mar 2022 PST...



* Lilicloth reserves the right for final interpretation.

* Open around the world.