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Hippie Soul T-shirt Ideas in Lilicloth

You may be wondering, what or who exactly are hippies? Hippies were the people who drove the international counterculture movement in the 1960s and 1970s. They followed their own way of life, resonating with values such as altruism, mysticism, honesty, joy, and non-violence. Although they were eventually assimilated into mainstream society, hippies had a prominent influence on everything from popular music, film, literature, and fashion.

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Hippie Peace Bus Graphic Tee

Purple, indigo, and violet are the representative colors of the hippie clothing fashion world. These colors connect you with visionary, thinking selves. Associated with air, it inspires intellect, imagination, dreams, and ideas.


Women Casual Top Hippie Printed Short Sleeve T-Shirt Tees

The arrow is a symbol of the hippie nation set elements, tribal charm, wild and free spirit. This T-shirt has a high-quality hand-painted arrow pattern, allowing your hippie soul to be released.


Gives Peace The Chance Peace Sign Hippie Gypsie Graphic Tee

Wearing certain colors can really give you a special feeling. Happier, more energetic, more positive. Gradient font and pattern colors can really set you up for the day, which is why we wanted to show you some of our favorite colors and what they mean.


Hippie Soul Letter Printed Women V Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt Tops

When you have a hippie soul, You are free as the wind, and you don't like following rules. You're open-minded and nonjudgemental. You just enjoy the journey of life, neither a leader nor a follower. You're on your own blissful path. You believe that people should love more and hate less. It's really that simple.


Women Boho Hippie Printed Casual Short Sleeve T-shirt Plus Size Top

The "V" gesture made by raising the index and middle fingers is known as the "peace sign". While adopting the peace sign, hippie culture also applied their ideas of peace and love to their common "flower power". They used flowers such as daisies to represent friendship, love, and protection of the earth as another symbol of the peace sign.


HIPPIE SOUL Peace Crew Neck Woman's T-shirts&Top

By the mid-1960s, the symbol of peace had gained high recognition and popular use in the counterculture. The young hippies who made up the counterculture were rebellious in every sense of the word. Posters and artwork featured bright psychedelic colors, swirling patterns, and the words "peace" and "love" The peace symbol quickly became a recognizable visual feature of the community, worn on clothing necklaces.


Hippie Car Graphic Casual Long Sleeve Top

The Beetle became the iconic car of the hippie movement. At the same time, it was the world's best-selling car and a symbol of Germany's reconstruction efforts. Ironically, in a few short decades, the Beetle became the vehicle that transported millions of peace-loving hippies to rock festivals.