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Hottest Roses T-shirt design in Lilicloth

Roses have long been a symbol of romance, love, and lust, and have been used to decorate T-shirts, sweaters, and accessories since early on.

"If you want something to be pretty, put a rose on it."

Roses have been the official flower of the United States since 1986 and were previously popular in fashion in a similar fashion. During the "bohemian chic" phase of the 1970s, embroidery was common on jeans, shirts, and jackets. And roses were a common choice for embroidery patterns because of their relative simplicity (stitching a rose requires only a series of interlocking circles) and lush, romantic feel.

If you want to get some different styles and colors of rose shirts, check out our latest collection of rose t-shirts.

Rose Geometric Women Tshirt

The rose is a symbol that can be easily replicated and is open to interpretation. It has been noted that the rose represents the ability of an individual to be strong and soft at the same time. Of course, if you want to make something beautiful, put a rose on it.


Rose Sketch Women Tshirt

This popular flower is a unique graphic taken from the neon signs of motels and nail salons. From streetwear brands to gallery exhibitions in the art world, this kitschy, retro rose has become an enduring anti-symbol that is suddenly popping up everywhere.



Grow In Grace Cat Rose Women Tshirt

Cat and rose pattern design combination, if you are thought to be a cat lover while pursuing romantic design, then the design of this T-shirt may be able to you obsessed with roses.


Abstract Geometric Rose Graphic Tank Top

Rose shirt with hand-painted rose pattern. This floral t-shirt will make you look stunning and different in every way. A really stylish t-shirt with a slim fit and short sleeves.

Has a vintage and romantic look that looks great with jeans, leggings, nice skirts, and jackets. Very everyday wear.

You can wear it to the office or the store - it's up to you how you style it.


Guns or Roses V-neck Graphic Tee

We cannot deny that Guns and Roses are full of special extreme emotions.

If you’re a flower, it’s pretty safe to say you’re the Queen if a country has crowned you their national flower as the United States did with the Rose.


Grow In Grace Rose Women Tshirt

When we develop the ability to forgive others, we grow in grace - not just in words, but through our daily actions and interactions with those who have hurt us.


The symbolic flexibility of the rose facilitates its modern revival. It also transcends the fashion world.