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Independence Day Celebration

The victory of independence war, realized the national independence, establishes a more democratic political system, and promote the Europe revolution of the 18th century.

Summer in America is filled with all kinds of festival holiday. By the memorial day at the beginning of the summer vacation began, until the end of May Day In 2020. However, the spotlight fell on two iconic American holidays, the Fourth of July and Juneteenth.

Independence day is regarded as one of the most important day in the United States, people will be celebrating and will cover the building adornment is given priority to with red, white and blue. Although affected by the outbreak of covid-2019, many large-scale community activities and other beach party was forced to cancel, the independence day is still worthy of celebration. 

With the national flag is dressed up houses and fireworks float parades, picnics, concerts, baseball games, family get-togethers,

and most importantly, don't forget to pick out the right clothes for yourself.

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