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Pick Earth Day Shirts 2021 Designs

World Earth Day is always celebrated on April 22, and 2021 will mark the 51st anniversary of this holiday. Usually, a different theme or focus area is designated for Earth Day each year; this year's theme is "Restoring Our Planet".

Of course, just because you can socialize responsibly doesn't mean you can't get out and enjoy nature! Celebrate World Earth Day by appreciating and respecting the natural world.

If you're an environmental lover, that's great! You'll instantly fall in love with this T-shirt collection.

Best Earth Day Shirts Ideas In 2021

Earth Day Every Day Tank Top

Over the years, World Earth Day has continued to grow. According to the Earth Day Network, it went global in 1990, with 200 million people in 141 countries participating in the event.

Everyone can celebrate World Earth Day and make the world a better place, and it's a simple way to turn off the lights in your home and office, not just at certain times, but at all times.

Birthplace Earth Race Human Shirt

Take a walk in nature and enjoy it, plant a tree or a flower, pick up a discarded bottle and recycle it (even if it's not yours), turn off your printer for a day, power down your computer, go vegan for a day, and use certified natural skincare products. These are just a few simple ways you can make a positive impact on yourself and our planet.

Love The Earth Graphic Tee

We have always advocated the need to establish a green ecological concept, conserve resources and protect the environment, but this should not only remain in the propaganda and slogans but also be carried out in our lives.

Respect Your Mother Women's Sleeveless Shirt

The earth provides everything we need: food, water, clothing, and shelter. For humans, she also provides cultural and spiritual fulfillment. The Earth is our source, not a resource. The Creator gave her as a gift to all mankind to live well, in harmony, and balance with her and all her inhabitants.

Save Your Home Women's T-Shirt

Earth Day is usually celebrated with an outdoor performance where individuals or groups perform acts of service to the planet. Typical ways to mark Earth Day include planting trees, picking up roadside litter, conducting various recycling and conservation projects, and using recyclable containers for snacks and lunches. Calls are made for stronger or immediate action to stop global warming and reverse environmental damage.

Keep Our Ocean Blue Women's T-Shirt

The oceans cover 71% of the planet and are home to important species and ecosystems that we rely on for food, livelihoods, climate regulation, and other vital conditions. But the oceans need our help. Saving the oceans can sometimes be a headache, but if we give it our all, we can make a big difference.