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T-shirts are easy matching items that can be worn all year round, and now most people like to show their individuality through the words or graphic on T-shirts. When choosing T-shirts, the shape and collar of T-shirts can help us find more suitable items (See More On Wikipedia) .

Then, we will show you the and features of T-shirts, and how to choose a T-shirt that suits you. There are three versions of T-shirt: H-shaped,V-shaped and A-shaped.

H-type is the most common and practical basic style. If you don't know which T-shirt to choose,  H-type T-shirt is recommended for you. It is simple and beautiful with jeans, casual pants, yoga pants or skirts. It is definitely an essential version in summer.

Most of the slim fitting T-shirts are V-shaped or X-shaped. This type of clothes can have higher requirements for the body, requiring a more slender abdomen and arms.In fact, this waist retraction effect can show your figure, which is often worn by fitness. So this kind of T-shirt is more suitable for muscle boys.

A-shaped T-shirts generally only exist in women's clothes, which is a version with large loose hem. Will be more feminine in style.

Regarding how to choose a T-shirt, in addition to choosing the right version, it is also essential to choose the right collar type.

The most common and best choice must be the round neck, but too tight, too loose and too thin neckline should be avoided, which will lower the texture and grade. The face is long or pointed, which is suitable for round neck T-shirts to modify the face shape.

The V-neck can visually lengthen the line of the neck, which is suitable for the thick and short neck or round face.

When you feel your clothes are too loose? Too tight? Too short? In fact, it has a lot to do with the version and collar of the T-shirt you choose. We hope the above information can help you further understand the version and collar. People of different figures can wear ordinary T-shirts brilliantly only if they find a suitable version for themselves. Now let's talk about how different figures should grasp their own choices!

Short man

The low crew neck is the best fit. The round neck will make the neck look thinner, and the overall visual length will also become longer. Conversely, if you wrap your clothes tightly, you will be shorter. The V-neck is not suitable for short people. Although the V-neck makes the neck appear long, it also makes the upper body appear short, and makes the upper body present a square outer contour, which is not as slender as the round neck T rectangular outer contour.

Tall and thin

The V-neck version can make the whole body feel more breathable, and turn the disadvantage of thinness into an advantage, which is very flexible and vivid.

Fat guy

Without any waist retraction, the relaxed version is most suitable for obese body. In particular, when choosing a version, you should also check the details of the neckline. Choosing a larger version can make your neck move freely. The version of the small V-neck is not suitable for people who are too fat. Large V-neck is more recommended.

Muscle man

Muscle men should choose the egg version with the whole outer contour, which is large at the top and small at the bottom, because this version is very suitable for your body shape. It should be noted that the sleeves must also be short to make the arms look better.

For different figures, how to choose the appropriate version of clothes to cover up the shortcomings? Obese people should choose a slightly wider or regular tee to avoid a tight round neck. For people with inverted triangle shape, don't choose too tight tee, which will make you look like too strong. Thin and tall boys should not choose too loose version. The V-neck close-fitting version or the way of stacking can cover up the shortcomings of the body shape.

Most people know to choose the style of cotton fabric, because pure cotton fabric is soft, comfortable and natural. With the popularity of other fabrics, you will find that many fabrics can also be used as T-shirts. Now Eco Friendly fabrics are also a new trend.

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The best way to mix & match with the T-shirt

A solid color t-shirt is easier to match than a patterned T-shirt and is more likely to show a sense of luxury. It can be matched with simple solid color jeans and overalls. You can use this matching method when going out, traveling, etc.

The printed T is more interesting than the solid color T-shirt. The T-shirt with the letter pattern is more simple and atmospheric. In addition, the cute animal prints make us playful and beautiful, and it is also a good choice with a floral skirt.

For a T-shirt with bright colors and cute and interesting patterns, ladies can wear it with a black tube skirt or short skirt, which will have a visual sense of color balance, or it can be worn with a pair of wide-leg pants, and men can wear it with casual pants

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