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Top 5 Poppy Flower Women's T-shirts

The poppy has deep-rooted cultural significance. The ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians associated the poppy with sleep because of the sedative effects of its sap. In particular, the Greeks associated the poppy with Morpheus, the god of sleep.

The poppy is the August birth flower, or Papaver somniferum, and is one of the most popular wildflowers in the United States. While it is best known for its bright red hue, the poppy can be found in many other colors as well.

Not only that, but poppies also possess powerful symbolism. While different cultures and countries have different meanings, one thing is for sure - this beautiful flower can really enhance the beauty and symbolic meaning of a classic bouquet.

So what is your impression of poppies? What about poppies hits you in the heart? Check out our next selection of poppy tops to bring a bright pop of color to your closet.

Poppy Graphic Short Sleeve Round Neck Loose Tee

While most other flowers can symbolize love and life, this is not the case with the poppy flower. However, in Eastern cultures, the poppy is often used as a symbol of love and passion. In all other parts of the world, the flower is often used as a symbol of death, peace, and eternity.

Like most other flowers, the poppy is known for its symbolism, which can be both positive and negative. When you know what this amazing flower can symbolize, you will have the opportunity to choose it for the right occasion.

Poppy Impressionist Art Graphic Top

The poppy is a common symbol that has been used to represent everything from peace to death or even just sleep. When used on a tombstone, the poppy represents eternal sleep. This symbolism is mentioned in The Wizard of Oz, where a mysterious field of poppies can put a character to sleep forever. This top features a full poppy print on the garment for a strong visual effect.

Poppies are the perfect gift for someone with an August birthday. Not only is the flower right in the season for this time of year, but it is the classic flower that represents the month of birth in August.

One thing is for sure - giving someone a bouquet of poppies is a sure way to make a lasting impression.

This poppy-themed top makes a great August birthday gift.

Plus size Poppy Floral Shirts & Tops

Casual loose poppy top, perfect for wearing on cool summer evenings to go for a walk. The breathable and lightweight fabric makes it a no-brainer to wear.

Poppy Graphic Short-Sleeved V-Neck Loose Tee

Pink isn't your most common poppy color, but it brings a ton of meaning. This color is associated with luxury, success, and imagination, just as blue and pink are.