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Top Picks Of St Patrick’s Day T-shirts 2021

Every year on St. Patrick's Day, we look forward to keeping the popular tradition going: spending time with family, participating in local parades, and enjoying a dinner of corned beef and cabbage after the events.

Whether you're Irish or not, anyone can join in on these fun St. Patrick's Day events, and don't forget to wear green, grab a beer and make a cheer!

The Leprechaun is the mascot

Leprechauns are a fixture of St. Patrick's Day celebrations. These stout creatures have been a staple of Celtic folklore for centuries.

According to CBS News, leprechauns were originally dressed in red, rather than the now-iconic green. In the 1900s, green became the de facto color associated with Irish culture and eventually spread to leprechauns.

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The shamrock is a St. Patrick’s Day symbol

The shamrock has long been a symbol of Ireland because it symbolizes the "rebirth of spring. According to the Times, the shamrock is a three-leaf clover plant that poor Irish citizens wear to church services on St. Patrick's Day to look good.

Its connection to St. Patrick's Day also has a deeper meaning, as St. Patrick himself is said to have used the three leaves of the shamrock to explain the Christian concept of the Holy Trinity.

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Drink some sort of beer

If you're drinking on St. Patrick's Day, you'll likely be drinking some sort of beer.

In the United States, the inexpensive beer is often dyed green for the holiday, which Vox traces back to 1910. It swelled in popularity in the 1950s and is now common in bars that cater to St. Paddy's Day revelers. While the beer is quite popular, there are many other drink options, including cocktails using whiskey and Baileys.

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Irish music

Many instruments have the opportunity to shine in Ireland during St. Patrick's Day performances, including the bodhrán, a special type of drum, the Celtic harp, the fiddle, and the uilleann. Both contemporary and traditional folk music is often played live.

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However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, many parades in major American cities are being canceled or pushed back. And with the battle to beat the virus ongoing, organizers have opted to move the festivities online for 2021 – so that the Irish community worldwide can enjoy the St Patrick’s Day party safely, from the comfort of their own homes.