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Triple-proof fabric

What is triple-proof fabric stands for?

Triple-proof fabric refers to three different levels of protection fabric - Waterproof, Stainproof, and Oilproof.

These fabrics are generally treated with nano-cross section super-double thinning technology, and the fabric's surface forms a stable air protective film, which can play a triple protection effect on the fabric.

How does this fabric work?

The protective ability of these fabrics is based on the water-repellent characteristics of lotus leaves, and our nanotechnology is integrated into the fabric to form a three-dimensional protective layer of the grid.

In addition to the ability to protect, these fabrics can also be colorfast, toxic, environmentally friendly, and economical, but also relatively breathable, and very durable.

Do I need this triple-proof fabric?

When you accidentally stain your clothes with food at a dinner party, When you accidentally spill oil while cooking, When your kids play accidentally knock over the tomato sauce. At that moment, you may...

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