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Unique Tree of Life Women's T-shirts in Lilicloth

What is the Tree of Life? It is a symbol of gaining attention in the search for awareness and knowledge.

The symbol of the Tree of Life represents our personal development, uniqueness, and personal beauty. Just as the branches of a tree strengthen and grow upward into the sky, so we become stronger in our efforts to seek more knowledge, wisdom, and new experiences in life.

The Tree of Life symbol is often depicted as a large tree with roots that extend inward to the ground and branches that extend outward to the sky. This represents the interconnected nature of all things in the universe. It is the eternal union of the physical realm in which we are rooted and the spiritual realm in which we seek to live.

Everything from t-shirts to rings, earring designs, or bracelets Tree of Life designs. Check out the Tree of Life t-shirt designs at Lilicloth and make a space in your closet!

Yoga Tree Graphic Print Round Neck Tee

The yoga form has a lot of meditation and breathing exercises that help reduce stress and anxiety. The upward growth and the asanas of yoga are what keeps the person doing yoga extended and upward.

Tree of Life Women's T-Shirt

The Tree of Life is a tree recorded in the Bible, also known as the Tree of Inverted Life and the Kabbalah Tree of Life, a world tree, a huge tree.

The Tree of Life reminds us of our universal connection to Mother Earth and our dependence on her for growth and prosperity.

Life Tree Birds Women's T-Shirt

Every soul has an important presence on Earth. The elements of the Tree of Life and the bird are added to your T-shirt design and these elements symbolize our personal development and individuality.

Yoga Family Tree Graphic Vest Top

All trees begin life in the same way, but as they age, they withstand the forces of nature and develop in their own unique and beautiful ways.

Those who learn yoga will also continue to stretch upward.

Yoga Tree of Life Graphic Tee

The Tree of Life is closely connected to the Earth, and all people communicate and combine forces to create life-giving power for the Tree of Life.

Life Tree Short Sleeve Shift Letter Casual Women Tee

We are not alone but are connected to the world around us. However, we are also unique and beautiful because a great tree was destroyed by the forces of nature and we have survived the hardships that made us who we are today.