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We Love Animal

There are roughly two kinds of animals, wild animals and domesticated animals. 🤞 Keeping an domesticated animal doesn't just make us feel better, it also has real health benefits.

1. Heart health

When you walk or play with your pet in the park, you're getting some exercise, which is great for heart health. Data from Harvard Medical School shows that the more exercise you do, the more efficient your cardiovascular system is. The CENTERS for Disease Control and Prevention explains that 2 caring for a pet can help you reduce the amount of fat in your blood, reducing your risk of heart attack and stroke.

2. Emotional health

A recent study found that pets such as dogs, cats and rabbits can help reduce stress in children and teenagers. The study also found that having a pet can help children and teenagers improve their social skills, as well as learning. Not only is a pet man's best friend, it can also help you make new friends. When you take your dog for a walk, it's an opportunity to talk to people you pass along the way, you can also wear a print t-shirt to show your love for animals. It turns out that the more social people are, the happier they are and the longer they live.

Why don’t you get a great deal on Lilicolth’s animal clothes?

💜It’s Fine Cute Cat T-shirt

Cat in the Center gives the shirt a first impression that you love cat, however, the letter also shows your attitude towards life.  You have attitude as well as love.  


💜Animal print T-shirt

The color with light blue and purple is so ‘summer’! We love animal and we are young forever!



💜Cat Dad Cartoon T-shirt

Supper cute picture along with words ‘Cat dad’, what a nice item that a cat person dreaming about.


💜America Flag 3D Print T-shirt

Eagle together with America flag, it’s wild and emotional feeling tells your story.